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Swimming in liquid – I need fix and I mean six.

This Song Is For You!


Everybody knows an a-hole you need to dedicate this song to. ”If you’re the last one alive I’ll hate you – that’s what’s up!”

Take a Brain Holiday

€-RAW Brain Holiday kansi
€-RAW Brain Holiday kansi

We hear a lot of noise nowadays. Everyone’s an expert. Sometimes you just wanna leave to a remote place and take a brain holiday.

Who the hell is €-RAW?

I’m a one man hiphoppop’n’roll machine 🔥

You can call me Era. I like to keep my music RAW. I’ve been doing music for over 20 years. Played in a couple of bands earlier and lately been working on a semi-popular solo project called Erakossa which has streamed over 11 million times in Finland 🆘

I like to know my audience. I’ve noticed that I’ve gathered a lot of listeners to my Finnish language music from all over the world. I’ve gotten a lot of messages of people Google translating my Finnish lyrics. The translations aren’t that good.  That has made me think – maybe I should do some tracks in English language as well? So yeah. You guessed it. Those track can be found from here from now on 👉

All the social links are gonna lead to my personal social account @erakossa and you’re welcome to follow if you wanna stay updated on everything a do music-wise 👊 Hope you like it and all feedback is welcome!

Redyellow AVKS Brick

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Send me and email to erakko@erakossa.net or use the form below.

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